Summer is the best…long sunny days, fun pool party barbeques, trips to the beach, and for the kiddos, no school! This change in dynamics can be a hindrance and throw you off track when it comes to maintaining your routine- especially skincare.


Here are a few tips to help keep you on track:


  • Review your products your using- chances are, you may need to switch them out for the summer. Sebaceous (oil) and Sudiferous (sweat) glands are much more active this time of year. You may need to switch to a different cleanser and lighter moisturizer. Load your skin with Vitamin C serum every day to protect it from sun damage, and use a peptide serum to keep boosting the collagen and elastin production. Consult with your Esthetician on what to do if you’re not sure!


  • Use SUNSCREEN! Even those days you’re out running errands- those UV rays add up to excessive exposure at the end of the day, and this is usually the culprit to sun damage for many. Check the expiration date! A lot of times last year’s sunscreen is old/expired, and it loses its efficacy- you will probably get a sunburn!


  • When you’re at the beach or the pool- don’t even think about going without a hat AND sunscreen. Especially if you get regular skin treatments and use retinols/retinoids. Your skin is extra vulnerable to UV damage.


  • Especially for the moms out there- try to stick to your routine! Keep your face cleanser and exfoliator in the shower, that way you will save a couple minutes. ALWAYS CLEANSE TWICE A DAY! Morning and night. At night, cleanse your skin twice, especially if you wear make up and/or sunscreen.


  • Remember to regularly exfoliate! Because we perspire more and secrete more oil, there is more dirt/build up that accumulates- plus, more than likely you’re using more sunscreen which can tend to leave a film on the skin. Make sure to exfoliate two to three times a week regularly!


  • Stay hydrated! Drink a little more water than you do normally- you sweat out a lot more in the summer, and your body needs the hydration for healthy cells!


  • When going on that summer trip- try to stick to your skincare routine as much as possible- use travel bottles and bring your regular stuff- using a new regiment (the stuff at the hotel) could get your skin out of whack and cause breakouts!


Please share any additional ideas in the comments below! Have a fun, safe summer season!