I recently underwent a total redesign on my nutrition intake. I did a 30-day re-boot program. I cut way back on sugar, stopped drinking alcohol, and ate foods mostly from the low Glycemic Index. I did this because one of my clients who I had friend-ed on Facebook did it, and I saw her transformation. I finally got the courage to do it.

I was sick and tired of feeling tired. I was trying to run all over town doing all the five billion things I do in a day with no energy.

The first week was rough. I was tired, headachy, and foggy. I was told that symptoms could be like this for the first week or so. The second week, I noticed my skin looked different. I look at my skin several times a day in a magnifying mirror, and notice subtle things happening from one moment to the next.  I had a new glow that was not there before. The next thing I noticed was I was starting to sleep through the night, and I’d wake up at 6 a.m. every day. I used to have to pop Unisoms at bed which, really didn’t help that much, but I tried so many things that didn’t work, and that sort of helped. I hate taking pills like that, and try to eat mostly organic foods. So I was so relieved to get to stop taking this pill. Next thing I noticed, I could see my abs!  Not that I was unhappy with my body before. But hey, I’m not complaining that all that core work I do really can be visible!

I suddenly had more energy; I was happier, and more alert. The list goes on.

What I learned through this journey is that when the body is acidic, it wreaks havoc on our internal systems, and we don’t know it. We’re so used to popping pills, eating junk and drinking booze and caffeine to raise and lower our energy, that we’ve become numb to the subtle effects of food and the alchemy behind it all. Even though I have converted my diet to a mostly organic, 80% vegetarian diet, my body had a build up of toxins from all the years prior to that. My abdominal area is where I lost all of the fat where the toxins are stored. When the body is overloaded with toxins that it can’t eliminate through the digestive system, the liver becomes overloaded, and in defense, produces a fat layer of visceral fat. The toxins make a home there and pretty much stay. As long as the body is acidic, toxins, bacteria, fungus, virus and mold will thrive inside of us.

Periodically re-booting the body with an alkalizing nutrition program will help the body have more energy, and efficiently absorb nutrients.

I’m so grateful I did this for myself. Since then, I’ve been maintaining with some of the things I used during the 30-day program to keep my body from getting to acidic. I still have tons of energy, and the yucky belly fat hasn’t returned!