Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog. I decided that I have so many nuggets that I like to share with my clients on different topics in wellness, I thought, why not share them with you all?  I went into this line of work out of a passionate desire to help others. This blog site is dedicated to providing you, my friends, with helpful information on living a life of radiance, balance, and bliss, and feeling beautiful and strong inside and out!

Back in my 30’s, I was supposedly “living the dream.” I got married, had a solid job as a sales consultant earning six figures, and lived in an adorable house in Grant Park. I worked non-stop, and drank a lot of booze and ate a lot of delicious unhealthy meals.

Everyone thought I had a perfect life. For many reasons, I was miserable inside. Then one day, BAM. My mother unexpectedly and tragically was taken from this life. My heart splintered. My world turned inside out.

I went to a very dark place. I started questioning everything about life in general, and my life that I was living. I realized that I was living a LIE. I had been taking yoga classes here and there at a local studio prior to mom’s death. I remember feeling that something very subtle was shifting. After mom died, I started going to yoga A LOT. I found a freedom on my mat that was found nowhere else in my life. I continued to work at my job, and continued to put up with my miserable marriage (which had issues way before this all happened.) Then one day, I woke up and said to myself, I am NOT going to live this bullsh** lie anymore.  Something inside of me told me to get out of this false lifestyle I was living. Something told me that if I didn’t, I was going to follow a path to unhappiness that I would deeply regret. Something inside of me told me that I only had one life, one chance, and it was then or never – I needed to pursue my dream.

So piece- by piece, I began to dismantle my “perfect life.” I quit my corporate job, and went back to school for aesthetics. Unfortunately, some people in my life were unsupportive. I knew that the people who really cared for me would support me. So I had to let go of relationships with people who I realized didn’t truly care about me.  I had to leave my unsupportive, unloving husband. I had to let go of friends who told me I was nuts. I had to ignore warnings from relatives who told me they thought I might be making a huge mistake. I knew deep down inside that no matter what these people said, I had to do what I had to do. So I set a blaze to it all and carved my path. I walked on that path, step by step. I worked very hard.

I fell deeply in love with yoga after my mom died, and my dance background made me think maybe I should go through yoga teacher training and learn more about the philosophy of yoga to satisfy my hunger for my quest for truth. I then had a vision of bringing the worlds of yoga and fitness together with aesthetics. The truth is, it’s all related.

When we give ourselves the gift of good health, we look better, we feel better, and we start living from a place of truth. We pursue what we love. We nurture and foster loving relationships with people who are our true friends and chosen family. We live our dreams.

While trying to work in these new fields, I lived a very different lifestyle. I gave up my cute house for a flea infested, junky inhabited apartment in midtown. I took any work I could find. I would teach yoga classes for next to nothing to get my name out there. I took contract work at spas, worked three jobs at once, and did what I had to do. After teaching at different places and working a few years for spas in Atlanta, I decided once again to take another leap of faith and open my own business.

And so, Skin and Body Balance was born.

Since then, I’ve had the honor of serving hundreds of people in the Atlanta community in mind and body wellness. I have a spa where I do facials and Thai bodywork, and I offer nutritional rebalancing programs. I teach some group classes, and have private sessions with clients. The Universe has blessed me and taken care of me. I know that Skin and Body Balance is successful today because I listened to the truth in my heart. I desperately wanted to share with the world what I felt could help make it a better place. I want everyone on this beautiful, amazing planet to have it all- to look and feel his or her best. When we feel good about our selves, we achieve great things and spread our love and good energy.

I hope that you will find this blog inspirational and helpful. Send me a message any time with questions or feedback!